Benefiting From The Wealth Of Others


Representing wealthy business men to invest and broaden their investment portfolio can have the good and the bad to it. Firstly you are essentially the devils little advocate basically helping the insanely rich get even richer and of course you are benefiting from their investments. If one looks it at all o this it comes off quite quickly that an advocate or lawyer of this nature is an evil person to be advising the devil on investments and to be benefiting from their clients success too becoming wealthier as well. The evilness of this venture can therefore be gleaned from the context.
The idea of the devil’s advocate is the guy working for somebody evil and doing there evil bidding and protecting them. The person essentially is helping the wealthy business man become even wealthier through being their Brisbane buyers agent and helping them acquire equitable and viable investments. The advocate is the right hand and hammer of this wealthy person which is essence could buy and destroying people’s homes and even renovating rented homes and charging exorbitant prices for rent. The basic idea here is that the advocate of these property investors does the bidding for a person who buys and sells properties for the all important sake of making more money. The big problem here of course is that the huge issues are the advocate makes the world a much darker place.
The advocate obviously does not represent the poorer person who does not invest in property for investment and equity purposes but for the simple purpose of living in the property. He or she does their job for the purpose of making more money for themselves essentially one hand washing the other in respect to the relationship between buyers advocate and investor. Therefore creating the image of the devil’s advocate and embodying it and giving the world a more evil and more sadistic wealthy elite business man in his client list of elite members of society who are the ones who invest insane amounts of money on properties for investment purposes as opposed to the normal guy on the street who buys property to create a home and uses a small time property agent as oppose to the lawyer or advocate to buy property.
In conclusion we can see here the malignancy of these advocates who buy and sell properties for the super wealthy and elite of modern and western society. These advocates are there to help big business invest in and buy up property and make a profit off of it. Hopefully this clarifies things on those advocates we see helping investors invest in property.